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Defend Ilhan Omar! Punish GOP Racists Who Strip Her From Committees.

SpankTheElephantPAC.com is currently compiling a list of racist Republicans planning to strip Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN CD5) of her committee assignments.

Republicans believe they can stoke bigotry and violence toward Omar because she wears a hijab. SpankTheElephantPAC.com has begun to raise money to target these bigots.

Congresswoman Omar fled a violent civil war in Somalia as a very little girl. She lived in a refugee camp for years. She represents our country to the billions of Muslims around the world. Her work in committee is amazing. And she ALWAYS takes the side of children, ALL children, from all sides, from the risks of war.

She is the most abused and attacked member of Congress. And the GOP House, and ultra-right wing groups that support them, including Judicial Watch, have pumped millions into Ilhan’s opponents’ races.

Congresswoman Omar is very safe in her district, people who know her there LOVE her. SpankTheElephantPAC.com is going to take it to these racists in their districts. We’re going to hit their crazy positions from the left, but we’re also going to hit them from the right. Issues like reducing the debt. We’re going to hit the GOP racists who attack Ilhan about their expanding debt policies to their GOP base voters as well.

If there is a candidate you think could use our help defending against bigots, please email Info@SpankTheElephantPAC.com or use one of our contact forms on this website.

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