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Maine’s Angus King On Our Watch List

Angus King’s “Centrist”, “Independent” schtick stuck Maine with Paul LePage getting reelected for 4 years. That festers in Maine.

That was so devastating for Maine it’s hard to make a case that justifies King’s lackadaisical, almost slow motion, certainly low energy approach to Senate work, and any sort of real Senate leadership someone can find in his work product. We can’t find anything worth keeping him. Nothing that a Democrat wouldn’t do much more reliably and better.

King does the charming “awe shucks” routine when he’s home in Maine. But he grew up in Alexandria, VA, which is really Washington DC. He went to law school there and he’s very much a rooted creature of the Washington DC area establishment, his Dad was a lawyer there. King’s sold that he goes to DC to represent Maine. Make no mistake. When King goes to DC, he’s going home.

Now that King is advocating raising the Social Security retirement age, that puts King in a very vulnerable electoral position. He runs as an Independent in a three way general election. That provides even more opportunity for a much more progressive Democrat to succeed in that race than it would if King were not in the race.

We’ll have to see what other opportunities King’s outdated, fully depreciated, 1990s approach to politics provides. For now, we’re inclined to wait to see if Biden is the nominee. If Biden is the nominee, that is going to compound Angus King’s age issue in his down ballot race and materially add to his vulnerability.

We’re pretty close to putting him in the “defeat” column. But Biden isn’t the nominee yet, and the Democratic nominee would have to be likely young enough to fester King’s age issue. A young woman Republican nominee would greatly squeeze King out, as well, and the advantage is more than likely the progressive Democrat’s win.

There are credible paths for a young, progressive – real Democrat – woman to upset this race.

We’re not raising money on this race yet. But we sure could be soon enough. DEFINATELY on our watch list!

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