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Republicans need a good old fashioned spanking!

Climate Change

Fires. Floods. Severe storms. Trump/Lewandowski/Sununu EXTREMIST Republicans are going to hand our children an uninhabitable globe!

Big Deficits and Debt

President Trump, and his failed and fired campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, promised to lower our deficits and debt. Instead these naughty Republicans increased our national deficits and debt MORE than BOTH Presidents Obama and Bush!

What Wall? Who Pays?

Trump and his FIRED and Failed campaign manager Cory Lewandowski promised to build a wall and that Mexico would pay for it. Instead, Republicans are stiffing the middle class with the bill! And they are making our military families pay!


Trump/Lewandowski/Sununu Republicans promised to improve our infastructure. Instead, they have done NOTHING!

President Bone Spurs And The Republicans Have RE-Written The Constitution.

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